I’ve been a doodler for all of my advertising career. I am also a political junkie.

About a year before the election I made an observation about the absurdity that it "Trump's Hair". It seemed to swoop and swirl around like a soft-serve ice cream cone. It made me laugh. So I drew it....and put a cherry on top.

I never imagined Trump as the victor of this election. No one did. As the last weeks closed in and things became even more absurd than should be legal, I felt helpless. So I drew. I drew an Octo-Trump. One with little red hands and a gross drooling face. I shared it. My blood pressure dropped a little.

I watched in horror as states became wobbly on election night. I went to bed early to avoid the stress, threw the covers over my head as texts poured into my phone. I woke up at 2 a.m. and cried like a baby for an hour. For our country. For hate winning. 

So for a little art therapy and to save my brain from the impending doom of these next 4 years, I made myself a little pledge. I would draw him every day for the first 100 days he's in office. See where it goes. So here goes. I hope this work provides some levity for anyone who may see it. I won't call him President. To me, he's just Mister 45.

You can find me at mklasa@gmail.com